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New to Pawn Loans?

It’s no secret that banks are not lending as they once did, as a result, pawnbrokers have been coined as “the people’s bank”.  Many of us have a mortgage against our home, it’s a home loan and no one thinks twice about it or is embarrassed about it.  

Here at Private Pawn we don’t believe you should be embarrassed by using a Rolex, fine art or a two carat diamond ring either.  Both are loans on assets that you own and are leveraging.

Most of our customers come with an approximate idea of what their valuables are worth, but if you want to show up with a shoebox full of random items, Private Pawn is happy to sort it for you. 

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To help retard tarnish on sterling silver, wrap the piece in jeweler's tissue paper and place it inside a plastic zip lock bag and seal.

Bleach can cause gold and other metal alloys to breakdown leaving the metal irreparably damaged.
Ultrasonic cleaners are great for cleaning some jewelry but they can damage many gemstones and the chemicals are not recommended for pearls and many other fine stones.
While silver can be washed in the dishwasher, it may not do much to restore the shine. If you plan on washing silver items in the dishwasher, be sure not to wash any stainless steel at the same time. Be sure not to let dry dish detergent sit on your silver as this may cause it to discolor.

Gold is a very soft and sensitive metal. Oxidation occurs when chemicals in the air react with it. Gold also reacts to the oils on your skin, which is why it sometimes turns green.

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Once the loan value is established we’ll obtain the required information, hand you your cash and you will be on your way.   In addition to your cash, we will also provide you with your loan agreement details. 

Private Pawn wants nothing more than for you to pay off your loan and walk out with that ring back on your finger.  If your payment date is coming due and you need more time, simply call us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  If that dreaded day comes and you still can’t pay, there is only one step left…foreclosure.  Yes, you would lose your collateral, but the difference between us and other lenders is that we won’t affect your livelihood, we don’t ding your credit, garnish your wages or take the roof over your head.  Worst case scenario, you lose your ring.

In exchange for putting the down payment on that house, surviving a divorce or starting a business it’s a great deal! text.